In any business transaction, having both parties see the true financial picture is extremely important. For acquisitions it’s everything.

THF delivers a variety of unbiased, conflict-free services for business acquisitions and sales. Our mission is to serve business owners who buy and sell businesses – from buyer’s or seller’s representation prior to an acquisition to purchase price allocations after a transaction. In other instances, THF serves Boards of Directors by providing independent and unbiased fairness opinions and solvency opinions prior to transactions. Through our related company, Mr. Jones Capital Partners, LLC, we offer biased success-based fees for services pertaining to helping owners sell their businesses. Our extensive expertise in business valuation, litigation and forensic services provides a solid foundation for our acquisition services. Our unbiased approach empowers us to confirm the appropriateness of a potential transaction and the handling of events in the post-transaction period, as well as identify potential pre- and post-closing problems.