Business Valuation

Meaningful, actionable business valuation requires a unique mix of accounting expertise, business insight, and thoughtful analytics. It’s not magic, but it’s far beyond just adding up columns of numbers. Our results speak for themselves—and we tell it like it is.
Every time.

THF provides comprehensive services for the valuation of a business enterprise as a whole, as well as the business’ component tangible and intangible assets, such as patents, copyrights, personal and company goodwill, and trade secrets. We also assess values of relevant fractional ownership interests, which typically require quantification of lack of control and lack of marketability discounts. With the renewed focus on corporate governance and business owners’ demand for increased accountability, THF provides services without conflict or lack of independence. Our clients include business owners and their debt and equity investors, corporate boards, special committees, trustees, executors/executrixes, and other fiduciaries.

We provide a range of targeted business valuation services. Some services involve litigation or acquisitions, both of which are addressed in other sections. In other areas of the day-to-day business world, our business valuation objectives include:

  • Estate and gift tax
  • Subchapter C to Subchapter S conversions for federal income tax reporting
  • Partner admissions and retirements
  • Buy-sell agreement consulting and measurement
  • Assessments of strategic options (such as succession planning, transaction planning, debt and equity alternatives)
  • Phantom stock plans, restricted stock and stock options
  • Stock redemptions
  • Worthless stock election
  • Insolvency analysis for debt restructuring / forgiveness
  • Purchase price allocations, including intangible assets
  • Reasonable compensation, profit and non-profit entities