When supporting litigation, forensic accounting can entail exhaustive investigation and analysis. Ensuring that this documentation is suitable for a court of law requires impeccable standards of process. That’s where we live.

We employ economic and financial forensics in a variety of areas, including bankruptcy and insolvency, family law, valuations, fraud detection, response, financial statement misrepresentation, and economic damages calculations. Our clients include business owners, investors, corporate boards, special committees, insurance companies, trustees, and other fiduciaries. Events and claims leading to a forensic investigation include misappropriation or theft of physical assets, breach of fiduciary duty, diversion of income, and funding of personal expenditures through corporate accounts.

Our forensic services play an important role both inside and outside of litigation. In litigation, THF’s forensic work can involve:

  • Post-transaction solvency analyses for bankruptcy / fraudulent conveyance situations
  • Post-transaction analysis of fraud / breach of representations and warranties
  • Earn-out disputes
  • Forensic investigations and detailed accounting record reviews, including alter ego and self-dealing assessments
  • Earn-out disputes
  • Disguised dividends
  • Alter Ego Allegations, Analysis and Forensics

Outside of litigation and in business valuations and acquisitions, THF’s forensic work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Assessment of pre-closing and post-closing balance sheet adjustments in acquisitions
  • Assessment of debt and equity structures in acquisitions and business valuations
  • Goodwill impairment testing in business valuations
  • Quantification of incentive compensation agreements
  • Investigation of accounts in business valuations