In the courtroom, reliable and relevant expert testimony can represent the fine edge between success and failure. But we have no ambition to be full time “opinions for hire” – we deliver solid perspective that juries can trust.

Our firm provides valuation, economic, and profitability assessment services in litigation. This includes the services, without conflict or lack of independence, on economic damage claims including lost profits resulting from lost sales, reasonable royalties, full or partial diminution of value, disgorgement of profits, and unjust enrichment. Our clients typically include business owners and their litigation attorneys. We also provide expert testimony on related business matters, including, but limited to, alter ego, reasonably equivalent value, insolvency, disguised dividends, CPA’s duties and responsibilities, business valuators’ standards, and shareholder oppression and its impact on fair value. Rob Hancock is included on the National Roster of Neutrals of the American Arbitration Association, and he often serves as an arbitrator in private hearings.

We provide a range of services for litigation purposes, including:

  • Shareholder and partner disputes
  • Securities and shareholder derivative actions
  • Bankruptcy litigation
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Income and estate / gift disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Business interruption
  • Business tort damages
  • Insurance and subrogation claims
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring disputes
  • Employment and personal economics disputes
  • Post-transaction disputes
  • Material adverse change claims
  • Fraudulent conveyance
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Family law matters
  • CPA and business valuator standards
  • Alter Ego Allegations, Analysis and Forensics

We also provide particular valuation and economic services for shareholder disputes and marital estates in family law matters including:

  • Valuation of businesses and professional practices
  • Valuation of stock options, complex financial instruments, company and personal goodwill, and other investments
  • Economic and industry research, including transaction and market data
  • Opposing expert rebuttal services
  • Evaluation of settlement offers
  • Income and expense analysis for support obligations / profit distributions during the litigation process