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The Hancock Firm occasionally sponsors the Houston Young Lawyers Association for the “Bar Relief” Final Thursday Happy Hour. The goal of HYLA is to assist those in the transitional phase in their entry into the legal profession by providing them with much needed skills and mentorship opportunities. The Foundation of Houston Young Lawyers Association (“HYLA”) was established to support and encourage education and programs that promote and assist those in need. This year, HYLA focused on recent law graduates who are in-between graduation and licensure, transitioning into the legal profession. The market is becoming tougher and tougher, especially for the newly admitted attorneys. More employers are waiting to interview and offer jobs to candidates who are licensed with experience, qualities that, unfortunately, many new law graduates do not yet possess.

MS 150

The Hancock Firm sponsored several cyclists in April of 2013 for their journey in the BP MS 150, an annual bike ride from Houston to Austin to raise awareness and funds for curing Multiple Sclerosis. “Because We Can” is a community of cyclists with MS who have a positive outlook on life while fostering a nonjudgmental, safe environment. Ron Brannigan built the foundation of the ‘Because We Can’ organization upon three pillars 1) advocacy, offering a different perspective for existing and newly diagnosed MS patients, 2) community outreach, to those individuals affected by MS and their peers, and 3) MS visibility, spreading the word on the MS movement. Outreach and awareness of such causes and the goodwill produced by “Because We Can” are ever-present in the hearts and minds of team members at The Hancock Firm.


Shea Hancock CVA CMAP CEPA and Ross Belsome CVA passed NACVA’s rigorous examination (after taking the experience and training requirements) to become a CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst).


In March of 2013, Shea Hancock met the trying requirements necessary to achieve the certification of Certified Merger & Acquisition Professional (CMAP). In addition to the lengthy list of prerequisites necessary to even attempt this certification, Shea studied at the Middle Market Investment Banking Association’s (MMIBA) workshops in Chicago to prepare for and pass the 250 multiple choice, four-hour proctored CMAP exam. Putting to use the vast knowledge he acquired through this process, Shea utilizes this certification to heighten our abilities in the Buy and Sale sides of Mergers & Acquisitions, and he puts to use the gained insight of tax and legal issues for our valuations of Mergers & Acquisitions. His studies and the facilities attained through his procuring of CMAP have certainly brought The Hancock Firm to a new level.


Kelly Sullivan achieved the esteemed and valued Accredited in Business Appraisal Review (ABAR) certification in July 2011. In addition to her NACVA membership, this accreditation attests to Kelly’s all-encompassing abilities in the production and review of extensive valuation reports. The skills she gained through this accreditation enabled her to improve upon her own appraisal skills and learn how to identify strengths and potential weaknesses of all appraisal reports. Kelly is one in less than 100 who have qualified for and achieved this seal and honor.