Industries & Professions

Whatever the industry, we use the same approach – combining “Big Picture” industry understanding with laser-focused attention to detail. We’re fast learners with rigorous follow-through.

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  • Construction & Mining

    • Southeast Texas:
      In the first six months of 2014, The Hancock Firm valued numerous interests in general contractor, highway construction, and specialty construction companies in Southeast Texas. The purposes of the valuations included partner buy-outs, gift tax purposes, equity compensation, and estate taxes.

  • Farming & Ranching

    • The Valley:
      In 2014, The Hancock Firm valued several business enterprises with farming and ranching operations, including cattle, pecans, and vegetables throughout South Texas and North, Central Texas, and The Valley along the Mexico border.

  • Health Care

    • Beaumont:
      In separate matters in Houston, Montgomery County, and Beaumont, Texas, The Hancock Firm valued multiple healthcare service enterprises involving assisted living centers, emergency rooms, optometrists, and other health care disciplines.

  • Hospitality & Entertainment

    • San Antonio:
      In 2014, The Hancock Firm assessed the profitability and value for a national chain hotel in Texas. In 2013, for litigation purposes, The Hancock Firm valued equity interests in a major lodging facility in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Import / Export

    • Houston / Corpus Christi:
      Throughout 2012 and 2013, The Hancock Firm provided valuation and deal structure advice to quasi-governmental and local governments beneficially involved in the export and import industry for transaction purposes.

  • Investments & Financial

    • Houston:
      In 2014, The Hancock Firm valued several fractional interests in multi-billion dollar hedge funds and investment management firms in Houston and The Woodlands, Texas for both gift tax and equity transaction and compensation purposes.

  • Manufacturing & Distribution

    • Houston:
      The Hancock Firm valued a manufacturing firm in Southeast Texas which possesses top secret clearance with the U.S. Defense Department for the construction of aircraft parts.

  • Oil & Gas

    • Houston:
      The Hancock Firm recently completed the valuation of several international manufacturers of subsea equipment in the offshore oil & gas industry. Also in the summer of 2014, THF completed the valuation of a Texas-based E&P enterprise and evaluations of multi-state drilling waste and produced water disposal injection well enterprises.

  • Professional Services

    • Fort Worth:
      In litigation, The Hancock Firm, on several occasions, valued a pending lawsuit, as well as fractional equity interests in contingency fee law firms.

  • Real Estate

    • Houston / San Antonio / Dallas:
      The Hancock Firm also assessed the undivided interest discounts for numerous properties throughout Texas for gift tax and transaction purposes.

  • Services

    • Houston:
      The Hancock Firm valued a California and Texas-based firm focusing on enterprise, product branding, and identity, including strategy as well as graphic art and design. The Hancock Firm performed a valuation of an independent privately-held funeral home for marital dissolution purposes.

  • Technology

    • Austin:
      The Hancock Firm valued patents related to directional oil & gas drilling technology for purchase price allocation purposes.

  • Transportation

    • Houston / Galveston:
      Recently, The Hancock Firm valued several freight forwarding and trucking enterprises for business planning, estate planning, and potential business sale purposes.

  • Wholesale Distributors

    • Houston:
      In the summer and fall of 2014, The Hancock Firm valued fractional interests in Houston based distributors of automobile parts, oil field equipment, and health care supplies.

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Specialty Service Offerings

Goodwill Impairment
THF provides services for enterprises’ annual review of the carrying value of goodwill on financial statements.

Purchase Price Allocation
THF provides purchase price allocations for mergers and acquisitions.

Unique Assets
THF provides business valuation for professional sports contracts, professional baseball players, football players, and coaches. We also assess the value, or lack thereof, of expectancies and contingent assets and numerous liabilities involving purchase price allocation, fairness option, business valuation, and in litigation.

Debt Instruments
THF regularly assess the value of privately issued notes, as well as the character of such notes being actual liabilities, in substance equity, or totally or partially worthless.

Personal Goodwill
Also known as key person value, THF regularly quantifies the value of personal goodwill for income tax purposes in business sales, martial dissolutions, and purchase price allocations.

Business Purchase and Acquisitions
THF regularly advises clients and their attorneys on the economic, financial, and tax provisions of Letters of Intent and Purchase and Sale Agreements.

Buy-Sell Agreements
THF regularly advises clients and their attorneys on the economic, financial, and tax provisions of Buy-Sell Agreements and the associated provisions for determining fair market value and fair value under certain “trigger” events, such as death, divorce, disability, and employment termination.