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American Disposal Services

ADS was the premier commercial oilfield waste management company in Texas. ADS had state-of-the-art well-injection disposal locations throughout the major oil plays in Texas and Louisiana serving almost every major operator. ADS had daily permitted capacity to inject over 100,000 barrels of non-hazardous oil & gas fluids including salt water, flowback fluid, oil dirty water, tank bottoms and oi-based mud.

Hancock Firm performed traditional business valuations for ADS that revealed the true depth and breadth of its value. After a couple of years, Hancock Firm took ADS to the marketplace for potential buyers. In October 2014, the founder and his son, Doug Ivey and Austin Ivey sold ADS to a private equity group.

“Rob and Shea and their wonderful team at Hancock Firm took us from cradle to grave from a business valuation perspective. First, they performed an independent assessment of ADS’ value. Then, they proved that value by helping us market and sell ADS, in a wonderful outcome for the Ivey family.” – Doug Ivey, President of American Disposal Services, Ltd.