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Sunset Nursing Home

Sunset Nursing Home, Inc. is a nursing home operator based in Clute, Texas. Sunset was founded in 1968 by Norman Clinton and Wyoma Annell. Today, Sunset is owned and operated by the founding couple’s daughter, Guindal Annell Wood Smith.

Rob Hancock and Hancock Firm provided expert witness and litigation support services to Sunset as part of litigation involving lost profits and destruction of business value. Sunset was involved in a lawsuit against a former lessee of two of Sunset’s nursing facilities, whose officers also operated a competing facility. As part of the lease agreements for Sunset’s facilities, the former tenant was required to surrender the two going-concern operating nursing facilities and businesses in working order at the conclusion of the leases; however, upon termination of the leases, the nursing facilities were relinquished to Sunset in non-operating condition and the businesses effectively destroyed. Hancock Firm calculated damages for lost profits and destruction of business value and Sunset Nursing Home prevailed in its claims and obtained a judgment based on the expert reports and testimony provided by Rob Hancock.

“Rob Hancock brought his experience and insight to this case and helped identify and characterize the various economic damages. In turn, Mr. Hancock’s testimony helped the jury understand the magnitude of the harm caused by the former tenant, and to compensate my client with a judicious financial award.” – Felicia Harris, Attorney for Sunset Nursing Homes, Inc.