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In December of 2012, Rob Hancock labored and learned at one of the countless seminars he attends to remain up-to-date and exemplary in his vast certifications­­–CPA/ABV ASA CVA CFF CEPA. The Advanced Valuation: Applications and Models, week-long seminar focused in-depth on the various approaches used in valuing Capital, Discounts & Premiums, Goodwill in Divorce, Intangible Assets, and Testimony & Risk Management. This review, information, and practice pair with Rob’s rich history and experience to ensure that his abilities sharply and keenly set the standard of valuation not only for our own team members, but for all valuators in the marketplace. We, as do many, look to Rob’s expertise and guidance in all we do at The Hancock Firm.


Continuing professional education and avoiding complacency are just a few of the many ways that our team members labor to keep The Hancock Firm ahead of the ever-changing curve in the world of business and assets valuation. Participating and engaging in series of weekly webinars assures that team members are kept abreast of the latest changes and information in the marketplace.

The “Recent Cases, Rulings, and Interpretations in Estate & Gift Tax Valuation” webinar, conducted in February 2013, highlighted recent court decisions and IRS pronouncements affecting business valuation in the tax arena, aiding our team members to spot trends and identify how changes will impact valuations for tax purposes in the future.

The February 2013 “Advanced Workshop on Lost Profits Calculations” webinar taught our team members the “Fab Four” pillars of the Lost Profits sphere: Credible Lost Profits Analyses; Planning, Determining Appropriate Damages Period; Estimating Lost Revenues and Costs; and Sufficient Reliable Data. The difference and application of the One and Two Model Approach to Lost Profits calculations was also covered in great detail. In addition to that webinar, the April 2013 webinar, “Lost Profits vs. Lost Business,” demonstrated how and when to use Lost Profits. This webinar allowed team members to interact in various hypothetical cases, discuss the complicated measures associated with Lost Profits with industry leaders, and determine how to best differentiate between Lost Profits and Lost Business. This type of continuing education allows our team member to put into practice all that they’ve gained throughout their in-depth studies.


Certifications and accreditations in the business and assets valuation industry not only carry prestige, but they confirm that our team members are amongst the top level valuators in their careers. The Hancock Firm proudly boasts ten various designations within our team, giving us diversity that sets us above and beyond in the marketplace. The designations of CPA, ABV, CVA, ASA, CDFA, CFF, CEPA, CM&AA, MAFF, CFE, and ABAR are badges of honor we wear with pride, and we look forward to further challenges and courses to achieve more certifications in the future.