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Hancock Firm provides comprehensive services for the valuation of a business enterprise as a whole, as well as the business’ component tangible and intangible assets, such as patents, copyrights, personal and company goodwill, and trade secrets. We also assess values of relevant fractional ownership interests, which typically require quantification of lack of control and lack of marketability discounts. With the renewed focus on corporate governance and business owners’ demand for increased accountability, we provide services without conflict or lack of independence. Our clients include business owners and their debt and equity investors, corporate boards, special committees, trustees, executors/executrixes, and other fiduciaries.

Specialty Service Offerings:

  • Estate and Gift Tax
  • Business Value
  • Subchapter C to Subchapter S Conversions for Federal Income Tax Reporting
  • Partner Admissions and Retirements
  • Buy-sell Agreement Consulting and Measurement
  • Assessments of Strategic Options (such as Succession Planning, Transaction Planning, Debt and Equity Alternatives)
  • Phantom Stock Plans, Restricted Stock and Stock Options
  • Stock Redemptions, Worthless Stock Election and Disguised Dividend Analysis
  • Insolvency Analysis for Debt Restructuring / Forgiveness
  • Reasonable Compensation
  • Non-profit Entities, Private Benefit and lnurement Review
  • Section 409 (a) Elections
  • Goodwill Impairment, Purchase Price Allocation and Personal Goodwill
  • Debt Instruments, Executive Compensation and Key Person Value
  • Business Purchase and Acquisitions
  • Contingencies, Undivided Interest Discounts and Intangible Assets
  • Employee Stock and Equity Awards
  • IRS Mandated Reports
  • Unique or Unusual Assets
  • Private Notes Payable/Receivable
  • Lawsuits on Appeal
  • Earn-outs on Business Sales
  • “Shadow Stock” Plans and Unsecured “Royalty” Payments
  • Piecemeal Software Code
  • Patents in Pre-Commercial Stages, Pre-Development Stage Enterprises and Research and Development Stage Entities


What Our
Clients Say

“Shanks & Hauser, L.L.P. and our clients have benefited from the diversity of Hancock Firm, including the up and coming young professionals like Kelly Sullivan and Shea Hancock who have taken the required education and certifications to properly address estate and gift valuations. The varying certifications held by their team members add to the quality of their work product.” RICK SHANKS - Shanks & Hauser, L.L.P.

“We found the Hancock Firm on an internet search for business valuation firms. We were in need of an impartial assessment of value for business planning. After three involved telephone conversations with Shea Hancock regarding scope of services and fees, we engaged Hancock Firm. Ultimately, we not only discovered our business value but also valuation issues that have helped steer American Disposal to ‘greener pastures.'” DOUG IVEY - American Disposal Services, Ltd.

“Hancock Firm was introduced to me over 10 years ago by a prominent local attorney. Since that time, Hancock Firm has assisted my companies with numerous, complex deal valuation and purchase price allocation assignments. In every case, Hancock Firm provided exceptionally high-quality service on a timely basis and a good value proposition. Most recently, our company was part of a merger funded by a Fortune 100 company with high growth expectations. Hancock Firm contributed valuation services for the merger. We expect to avail ourselves of Hancock Firm’s services many times in the future.” JOHN H. UNTEREKER - Preventice Solutions, a strategic combination of eCardio and Preventice

“I just wanted to let you know that we were able to settle the matter yesterday and your report was a key turning point in the settlement. It completely unwound the report of the other valuation firm. The mediator was very complimentary of the report you issued. I want you to know that I appreciate your assistance in turning this around so quickly and for coming up with such a good product. Fortunately, the mediator was very familiar with the issue and the surrounding law so he honed in directly on your financial points that were properly linked to the law.” JEEF HOUSTON - GBH CPAs, PC

“Rob Hancock and the team at Hancock Firm have responded in real time to our equity valuations and deal structure issues with a personal involvement that has always exceeded our expectations. Rob and his firm have helped solve our issues effectively and professionally, and always from an objective and independent perspective.” HANK SINCLAIR - Sinclair Group

“Rob Hancock is one of the very best experts I have ever presented for deposition in my 25 years of practice. He testified a few months ago in a case filed in state district court here. The liability facts were against us, but Rob’s testimony was crucial in holding down the damages for settlement. It wasn’t just that the numbers Hancock Firm crunched were unassailable. Rob’s cool demeanor and manner as a witness was at least as important, maybe more so.” ANDREW WILLIAMS - Andrew M. Williams & Associates

“I enjoy working with the team at Hancock Firm. Their dedication to maintaining a solid paraprofessional staff complements the good service provided by the professional staff members. Most of all, I appreciate their very prompt attention to unexpected matters in litigation that require immediate attention. When a day or two made a difference, Hancock Firm made their time available.” ELLEN YARRELL - Attorney at Law