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Meaningful, actionable business valuations and litigation services require a unique mix of accounting expertise, business insight, and thoughtful analytics. It’s not magic, but it’s far beyond just adding up columns of numbers.

Hancock Firm handles your financial requirements for the purchase or sale of your business. Prior to any sale of your business, we value your business for i) gifts to family members, ii) equity compensation for employees, iii) admission, retirement or death of a partner, iv) dispute with a partner, or v) early stage planning for a business sale. In litigation, we handle your marital divorce matters, such as i) valuation of business interests, and any applicable personal goodwill, ii) tracing of assets, iii) attendance at mediation, and, if necessary, iv) testimony at deposition and trial. In commercial litigation, we assess economic damages, such as lost profits and lost business value, as well as special matters such as disguised dividends. We also conduct reviews and analysis for claims of alter ego and breach of non-competition/non-solicitation agreements.

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